Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Episode #1

Episode #1: "The Pink Cow Coffee is Now Open"
Grab a cup of coffee and hold on to your funny bone as Ms. Peaches and the customers at the newly opened Pink Cow Coffee Café put a smile on your face, laughter in your heart and joy in your soul. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee is a light-hearted comedy about family and friends that will minister laughter as a medicine.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Episode #2

Episode #2: "The Advice Doctor"
After Ms. Peaches graduates from the Advice Doctor Counseling School, she decides to set-up her office at the Pink Cow Coffee Café. Now, that she is official, she is determined to give advice to every customer that walks through the door or calls on the telephone.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Episode #3

"Business Meeting Over" - Episode 3
In this sitcom episode, the pastor's wife, Sister Thelma, cannot have a new office and "That's Final" as far as the Deacon Board is concerned. However, she is determined to let them stop her. Can they put a stop to her before it's too late?

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Episode #4

"I Saw the Light", Episode 4
While Ms. Peaches was in the hospital, she has a spiritual experience that changed her life. In this sitcom episode, she is back to tell everyone what she saw. After no one believes her testimony, she is determined to convince them that she went to heaven.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Episode #5

"Happy Birthday, Ms. Peaches", Episode 5
Ms. Peaches has planned a get-a-away for her birthday until it was interrupted by her boss, Mr. Lonzo. Reluctantly, she agrees to come in to work for only one day and that is it. When she gets to the café she found out what is going on in the life of her forever love that broke her heart.

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