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Slow Down Mommy!

Mommy is on the go! She loves to drive fast and always gets into trouble. With such a busy schedule, she never slows down even when she takes me to school. Anything can happen when Mommy is behind the wheel! "Slow Down Mommy!" by Deborah Elum, 8" x 8", picture book, ISBN 978-1-7339510-1-2.

Price $12.95 S&H $3.50/BOOK (USA).

Miss McDoogle Has the Giggles

It's time for bed or is it? Get ready to wiggle and giggle! For Miss McDoogle, a hilarious school teacher, the funny antics have just begun! With whimsical illustrations and her adorable cat, Jingles, the fun is just one giggle away. "Miss McDoogle Has the Giggles," by Deborah Elum, 8" x 8", picture book, ISBN 978-0-9903422-8-1.

Price $10.95 - S&H $3.50/BOOK (USA).

One Lost Boy

Born into a poverty-stricken family, Fred did not have time to experience just being a child. His life was one of hard work, abuse, and survival. One Lost Boy, A Memoir of A Missing Childhood, is a coming-of-age story of a young boy whose family worked as sharecroppers picking cotton on an African American owned plantation in Texas. At a time when children are told to be seen and not heard, his childhood is a moving story of barriers he overcame and wisdom gained.Fred's story is one of a stolen childhood, a father's betrayal, and how one little boy's courage, determination, and sacrifice helped his family when they needed him the most."One Lost Boy: A Memoir of a Missing Childhood," by Fred O. Jones, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN 978-1-7339510-0-5.

Price $10.95 - S&H $3.50/BOOK (USA).

A Church With Spots And Wrinkles

Your tickle box will turn over as you let the members of Sunnydale Community Church take you to a whole new level in the spiritual experience. This church family is a mess and what they are up to is guaranteed to bring non-stop laughter if you stop by for a visit. From the author of Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, comes a hilarious new comedy by Deborah Elum, 5 ½ x 8 ½, 168 page trade book, ISBN 978-0-9903422-4-3.

Price $9.95 – S&H $3.50/BOOK (USA) and Amazon.

Doors To The Real You!

Have you struggled with letting the wrong people, ideas, or thoughts into your life? Having trouble setting goals and sticking to them? Don't leave the door of procrastination cause your destiny to be locked away, not achieved, and eventually forgotten. This book will help you stay motivated, focused, and pursue your purpose. It is time to discover "The Doors to the Real You!" by Deborah Elum, 5 ½ x 8 ½, 58 page trade book, ISBN 978-0-9903422-3-6.

Price $8.95 – S&H $4.95/BOOK (USA). Click here to purchase the Kindle version.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee - DVD

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by Deborah Elum comes to life on stage in a hilarious production about sisterhood, romance, and friends that will leave you thirsting for more. Join the fun as Olivia Nelson and her twin sister, Georgia, both believe they are the rightful heir to their mother’s family heirloom, which ignites a fiery sibling rivalry. ISBN: 0-978-0-9679441-9-7. Feature Running Time 69 Minutes/Color, ISBN 978-0-9679441-9-7.

Price $15.99 – S&H $3.95 (USA).

Tommy Brown Misbehaving

Tommy Brown is misbehaving again. Is it his curiosity or is he just a bad kitty? Either way, his hilarious misadventures will have your fur standing on end. Great surprises are in store as you curl up with Tom. Tommy Brown Misbehaving is a children's chapter book series recommended for children and the young at heart. A simply purrrfect read. “Tommy Brown Misbehaving,” by Deborah Elum, 5 ½ x 8 ½, 70 page trade book, ISBN 978-0-9679441-8-0.

Price $8.99 – S&H $3.50/BOOK (USA).

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee - Book

Hold on to your funny bone as a pair of energetic seventy-five year old twin sisters put a smile on your face, laughter in your heart, and joy in your soul. Take another sip, sit back, and savor your visit at the barbershop. Catch up on how the fellows feel about women, love, marriage, and the church. As the story brews, this light-hearted comedy about family and friends will leave you thirsting for more. Deborah Elum, the author of, "A Church with Spots and Wrinkles," is back with a new comedy, "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!" ISBN: 0-9679441-4-7. 150 pages.

Price: $11.99, Plus S&H $3.95/BOOK (USA).

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