Meet the hilarious first lady of comedy, Thelma Johnson, with her outrageous antics and her no-nonsense wisdom. Her sassy "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude will have you wondering, "What Kind of Mess is This? ™"


Thelma Johnson

Thelma Mae Smith (later known as Thelma Mae Johnson) was born in a small rural community of Hearne, Texas, but raised in the Bryan, Texas. Smith's mother noticed her acting ability at an early age. On her fourth birthday, her parents took her to see a local play called, "Who's Got the Key to the Outhouse?" The play opened Thelma's eyes to the theatrical world and the importance of keys.

After Smith graduated from high school she enrolled at the local community college to where she studied drama and public speaking. Upon completion of her degree, she applied for a position at a local television studio as a hand model for soap commercials.

She was fired when she refused to expose her elbows on the air. She vowed to one day have her own television show. It was at that point that she determinate not let people boss her around like any more. Later, that year, she married her high school sweetheart, Reverend Willie D. Johnson.

What Kind of Mess is This?


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My Stories

Thelma's Wisdom

The Grass Looks Greener on the Other Side
Sometimes we think that we want what other people have. We want their life or their family or their job. But let me tell ya, Baby, we all have problems. Just because it looks good, it don't mean it's good for ya or that it's meant for you. We can't take what other people have just because it looks better or easier. The Moral of the Story: Don't be envious of other peoples' stuff, the grass may look greener but it still has to be mowed.

If You Stir Up Mess It'll Stink
There are some situations or discussions that are very touchy subjects. When you find out that another person don't want to discuss the issue, leave it alone. There may be another opportunity when they are more willing to discuss the matter. But usually, if you continue to demand an answer, they might tell you something that you don't want to hear. Use wisdom, Baby. The Moral of the Story: Some people like having conversations that lead to an argument. Don't let it be you, Sugar.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!
There are folks that won't listen to sound advice. When people try to correct them to let them know that they are headed in the wrong direction, they don't listen. People need to get their act together! The Moral of the Story: Many problems are caused when folks didn't listen to good advice. Don't create problems for yourself.

Don't Bite off More than You Can Chew
Sometimes people overreact to a problem that can easily be solved. Instead of addressing the problem with you calmly, they don't. In life, you're going to meet people with different personalities, ideas, and opinions. Deal with it! The Moral of the Story: Don't bite off a mouth full of problems. Take smaller bites, and chew well, and move slow.

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Thelma's Mail Box

People are always asking me different questions. Now, I'm gonna make time to answer some of your questions and post them to my site. So hurry up and write to me. I'll be waiting to hear from ya, Sugar.

You can reach me at the below information or by filling out the inquiry form:

P.O. Box 1594
Humble, TX 77347-1594
(281) 878-2062

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